Summer Červenohorské sedlo

Discover the beauty of Jeseníky




Distance 12 km

At an altitude of 1 492 m above sea level, Praděd is Moravia’s highest peak. This mountain can surprise you with its harsh climate since its average annual temperature is only 0.9 °C. There is a 145-metre-tall transmitter on the peak: it is the highest, albeit artificial, point in the Czech Republic. Until 1959 a stone lookout tower stood here. We recommend starting out the trip to Praděd from Karlova Studánka, from where you can go foot or take the shuttle to the Ovčárna chalet. Although the hike will not be entirely easy, the view from the top is worth it. When visibility is good, you will be able to see the Praděd and Keprník highlands, the cities of Jeseník and Bruntál, Kralický Sněžník and under excellent conditions, you will be faced with a view of the Krkonoše and Vysoké Tatry mountain ranges.


Distance 26 km

The educational trail, which is 6 km long, runs along the banks of the Bílá Opava mountain stream. The beautiful path of medium difficulty  will lead you through various bridges, walkways, stairs; you will encounter several waterfalls, cascades, rapids and rock formations. There are 13 information panels that will educate you about the local natural reserve. Karlova Studánka is the trail’s starting point. The trail will lead you to the Barborka mountain chalet, where you can purchase refreshments before your return trip.


Distance 20 km

You can take a trip to the well-preserved chateau Velké Losiny that is 20 km away. It is an approx. 20-minute drive. If you happen to come at the moment of an on-going tour and you have some spare time, we recommend taking a walk through the beautiful and upkept chateau gardens. The chateau tour will tell you about the founders, construction modifications since you yourself will see that the complex is comprised of several parts. You will walk across the original floors and you will also find out about the famous witch trials in the 17th century.


Distance 32 km

On the ridge of Hrubý Jeseník is a rock formation at an altitude of 1 438 m above sea level. The rocks are composed of slate and gneiss; therefore, they are not very resistant. Unfortunately, they are not open to the public because rare flora, especially endemic shrubs, are found here. That's why they were included in the list of nature reserves and are incorporated into the Praděd State Nature Reserve. This location is also significant from a historical point of view as witchcraft sabbaths were said to have taken place here in the 17th century and is entwined with a great deal of stories. The rocks are located near the Ovčárna chalet, which is why you can stop here along your trip to Praděd.


Distance 26 km

The popular tourist mountain spa town of Karlova Studánka is located not far from the hotel. It is here that you can select from a wide range of spa treatments. The mountain spa is situated in the picturesque surroundings of Jeseníky in the foothills of the highest mountain of Moravia and Silesia – Praděd. That is why they are also appropriate starting points for trips to the summit. It is the highest situated spa in the Czech Republic at an altitude of 800 m above sea level. The coniferous forest enveloping the spa has a special charm, and at higher altitudes acquires the traits of a rainforest. It is thanks to this that Karlova Studánka has the cleanest air in the Czech Republic, comparable to alpine environments. The Karlova Studánka spa offers spa and wellness treatments, a swimming pool complex; basically, the ideal place to relax. Moreover, the historical city centre has a unique architectural mountain character style.


Distance 9 km

The Dlouhé stráně hydroelectric pumping power plant belongs to the rarities of the Czech Republic. It is situated at the foot of Červenohorské sedlo in the town of Loučná nad Desnou and it is the most powerful hydroelectric power plant in the country. The power plant is located in the Jeseníky Protected Landscape Area, that is why all operations are underground. The starting point for a trip to Dlouhé stráně is the Kouty area, from where you can take the chairlift and then select from the shorter (2.5 km) or longer (4.5 km) hike. If you are planning to take a tour of the power plant, we recommend making a reservation in advance.


Distance 27 km

Rejvíz is located 7.5 km southwest of Zlaté Hory, in a romantic setting in the middle of forests and is the highest town in Silesia. The altitude here almost reaches 800 m above sea level. It is a picturesque settlement with partially preserved German folk architecture. There is a series of tourist attractions in the area, e.g. Velké mechové jezírko (Great Moss Pond), the Kobrštejn castle ruins, etc. The Rejvíz State Natural Reserve is the largest peat bog in Moravia and Silesia with its area of 350 hectares. The peat bog was created in the postglacial period and kept its appearance thanks to climatic conditions. The natural reserve established an educational trail that is almost 2 km long, which is open only to pedestrians between 8:00 -18:00.


Distance 10 km

One of the highest waterfalls in the Jeseníky Mountains, located in the village of Bělá pod Pradědem in Silesia. In the past, this waterfall measured up to 45 m and thus reached a height of about two seven-story panel houses on top of each other. Currently, the masses fall from a height of 28 m. The waterfall is also fed by the waters of the Cold Stream, whose voracious waters patiently change the ancient face of boulders and hard rocks. The presence of the Island Lynx is proven here in this area.


Distance 18 km

Funa-park is located in the village of Lipová-Lázně, about 10 km west of the district town of Jeseník. In a small family zoo with a friendly environment and barrier-free access, you have a unique opportunity to bring people closer to animals. Everything on a professional level and with a deep respect for all animals, knowledge of the life of farmed species is mediated here, also in the form of educational activities.


Distance 14 km

This rock formation is up to 30 meters high, you will find beautiful views of the saddle, you can see the main ridge of Hrubý Jeseník, the Králický Sněžník massif and Černá stráň. The three stones were formed due to the Jesenice climate due to erosive activity. These frost log cabins are formed by crystalline slate and in places covered with quartz. The peak is accessible both on foot along marked trails and in winter on cross-country skis.


Distance 22 km

Take advantage of this summer attraction, located in Ramzová near Jeseník. Let yourself be taken out by ground lift and then it only depends on your dexterity, courage and how fast you will travel the whole track with the mini-cars. The opening hours are from May to October, so do not hesitate and come for a ride on mountain minicars.


In order to make it easier for you to climb the nature of Jeseníky, which is rich in high hills and difficult elevation, it is useful to hike the countryside on an electric bike. Additionally, you can use a special 5% discount on rental without the need of a deposit for guests of the Hotel Červenohorské sedlo. More information in our services.