Winter Červenohorské sedlo

The ideal place for a winter holiday





Červenohorské sedlo - Ovčárna trail - 12 km

Starting from Červenohorské sedlo, head out along the blue hiking trail, which is located on the left side of the road to Šumperk. This section is not demanding since it follows a contour line. Once under Výrovka, continue with a slight descent to Petrovka and then climb to Kamzík. That is where the most challenging section of the entire trail starts: it is a 1.5 km-long climb to the Slatě crossroads. After another 0.5 km, you will find the Švýcarna tourist chalet, where you can purchase refreshments. The climb continues to the crossroads under Praděd and from there it is a pleasant downhill ride to Ovčárna. You can take the same trail back from Ovčárna or use the shuttle from Hvězda to the hotel.

Červenohorské sedlo - Ramzová trail – 14.5 km

Starting from Červenohorské sedlo, head out along a trail with occasional steep climbs toward Vřesova Studánka, which is located under the peak of Černá hora (1 333 m above sea level). From there continue to nearby Trojmezí, from where a difficult, often frozen, climb leads first through a forest and them along the barren hill to Keprník (1 423 m above sea level). If the weather conditions are good, there is a unique view of Jeseníky as well as the mountain ridges from the Krkonoše to the Beskyd Mountains. From Keprník, continue on to the Jiří tourist chalet under the peak of Šerák (1 351 m above sea level), where you can purchase refreshments. During the run from Šerák to Ramzová, you will overcome an amazing height difference of almost 600 meters. The trail runs through the forest and is enriched with partial views into the Ramzová valley. You can also come down by using the chairlift. The Červenohorské sedlo - Ramzová trail is part of the Jeseníky Main Trail, stretching across the entire ridge of Hrubý Jeseník.

Červenohorské sedlo - Praděd  trail - 8,5 km

There is a short climb from the saddle to Klínovec and Výrovka (this section may be closed in the winter). In the area of Malý and Velký Jeseník (1 304 m above sea level), the trail has flat sections and frequent climbs. The ridge’s main trail leads to a meadow by the Švýcarna mountain chalet. There is one other more comfortable trail option from Červenohorské sedlo – to the right from the ridge along the blue marked wide trail all the way to the crossroads above Petrovka. From there, turn left and follow the green trail. There is a relatively steep climb only in a short section under Malý Jezerník. The panorama of the highest mountain in Moravia, Praděd, opens up at Švýcárna.


Distance 9 km

Enjoy the beautiful view of the winter landscape of Jeseníky. The starting point is Kouty nad Desnou, where it is best to drive by car or use the shuttle. From the Kouty Ski Resort, use the chairlift, which will take you 4.5 km from the upper dam. Alternatively, you can head along the shorter trail marked in red; this is only 2.5 km long. You can also book a tour of the hydroelectric power plant in advance.