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Let your skin be pampered




Every woman likes to be pampered. Even when she leaves our beautician fresh and with shiny skin thanks to french cosmetics Thalgo with salt from sea which is friendly to environment and to your skin. You can choose from 3 basic cosmetics treatments and others complementary treatments.

Hydrating treatment

It renews natural hydration of skin, helps again dry skin and its tension. This treatment includes a make-up removal ritual including peeling with sea crystals, a relaxing massage, application of moisturizing cream mask and hydrating cream for face skin and eye cream.

Cleaning treatment

The treatment is suitable for mixed, oily and problematic skin. It renews balance of skin, helps with inflammation and cleans pores. The treatment includes a make-up removal ritual including peeling with sea crystals, a relaxing massage, application of deep cleansing mask with clay, and application of skin and eye cream.

Nourishing treatment

This treatment is suitable for dry and sensitive skin, which suffers from lack of essential oily acids and which is weakened. You´re going to have intensively nourished and hydrated skin. Special Cold Cream Marine from seaweeds is guaranteed complete care with regeneration and soothing skin.



You can order cosmetic treatments online at the same time as ordering your accommodation on Červenohorské sedlo or you can send your order through the order form below. Opening hours are from 10:00 to 20:00 and all guests are kindly requested to inform the reception in advance of the time they would like to use the procedure. The reception will contact you back to confirm your appointment or offer other available dates.

Please order cosmetic services at least 3 days before the required date.

Basic cosmetic treatments 45 minutes
Hydrating treatment 1 390 CZK 
Cleaning treatment 1 390 CZK 
Nourishing treatment 1 390 CZK
Other cosmetic treatments (* ordered with basic cosmetic treatment only)
Galvanic iron - ampoules for pigment spots* 420 CZK
Galvanic iron - ampoule with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid* 440 CZK
Eyebrow coloring* 100 CZK
Eyelash coloring* 170 CZK
Eyebrow Adjustment* 120 CZK
Cosmetic massage (30 min)* 420 CZK
Slimming pearls - Thalion slimming procedure (40 min.) 790 CZK
Special wellness package "Women's pampering" 1690 CZK
Basic cosmetic treatments (according to your choice)  
Relaxing massage  


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